We incubate next-generation ideas
that create value and make the world rejoice.

Incubating Next-Generation Ideas

Great ideas are birthed when people come together with a common vision! Ambassadors started when our co-founders joined forces over their shared vision to start an incubator company.

Leadership in Business

We have assembled a dream team of prominent business leaders. We invest our resources in successfully equipping and launching start-ups.

Creating Value for the Common Good

Together, we are driven by this core belief: the purpose of our company is to positively impact the world by creating value. We believe that focusing on value-creation is the doorway to sustainable, competitive advantage.

Making the World Rejoice

Our mission is to invest in innovative companies that make the world rejoice. In the midst of unprecedented global change, our company exists to bring hope and good news to everyday people, families and businesses.

Our Values

Innovative Ventures

We are committed to Biblical values and a faith-based worldview. Our venture started in a place of prayer and has been prayer-supported since day one.

Engaging Globally

We are committed to smart companies that are customer-centric, which attain success by serving. We believe that success is achieved by focusing on customers - striving to meet their wants and needs in intelligent ways.

Changing Lives

Partner with a company that reflects your values and is committed to products and practices that shape the future in a positive way.